What is the best mode of transport?

Car, bus, train, taxi, airplane, ferry or bicycle. Which is the best? Well, it all comes down to how far you are travelling. If you are travelling across the world, obviously a plane is the way to go. However, for a daily commute a car bus train or bicycle are all in contention. If possible, a bicycle is the best option as it is low cost and helps lose weight. However, long range commuting is better fitted to motor power. The bus is advised as it relieves congestion and emissions. However, buses aren’t as reliable as a car or taxi. A taxi is very expensive as it is personal transport instead of public. However, when compared to owning a car, it can be cheaper than driving to work as you do not have to pay for the petrol or car itself. Overall, getting to where you want to go under your own steam is the most reliable and cheapest, however not always available.